Genshin Impact’s Sumeru map leaked from version 3.0 beta

Now that players have gained access to the version 3.0 closed beta, we’re getting a good look at Genshin Impact’s upcoming Sumeru region through new leaks

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If you’re a Genshin Impact player who is still trying to avoid the version 3.0 leaks, it might be a good time to stay away from Twitter. The closed beta for version 3.0 has begun, which means that new spoilers are simply inevitable. This time, known leaker Sagiri has uploaded a screenshot of the Sumeru map to Twitter that shows off various Teleport Waypoints, Domains, and Statues of the Seven.

The map image also provides names of locations within Sumeru, although they aren’t in English. Nevertheless, this is the first detailed look we’ve gotten at the region from a zoomed-out point of view. Take a look for yourself:

Sumeru appears to the west of the recently-introduced Chasm area in Liyue. For those unaware, The Chasm is the brown-looking spiral on the right side of the image above. Everything to the west of that is new land that doesn’t appear on the current Genshin Impact map of Teyvat.

However, this map also does not seem to be complete, as it cuts off on the left side of the landmass. Presumably, this means that there are more Statues of the Seven to discover that will reveal the rest of the Sumeru map.

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As if this map leak wasn’t enough, Sagiri has also uploaded a number of other images to their Twitter account that show bits and pieces of Sumeru’s scenery. Here’s an example, for those of you who are curious about what’s to come:

The region looks to be full of lush jungles, several swamps, and even deserts to the far west – judging by the brown spots on the map

Be sure to save up on those Primogems because, if the leaks are credible, 3.0 will be adding many more new characters to go along with all of this new land to explore.