Genshin Impact survey lists the characters players regret pulling for

A fanmade Genshin Impact survey gives us a detailed look at which characters some players feel dissatisfied with after pulling for them, and why

Genshin Impact survey lists the characters players regret pulling for: anime boy with white hair holding a staff

This Genshin Impact survey, made by a fan, gathered responses and put them together to show which characters players regret pulling the most while playing the anime game. The survey was conducted by Redditor riridouluvme and it received 824 responses — a small amount given the overall size of the community — but the results post itself gained over 11,000 upvotes and over 2,000 comments in just about 12 hours.

The top three responses for the poll are Cyno, Klee, and Childe, in that order. Cyno received 100 votes, Klee came in second with 80 votes, and Childe landed in a close third with 78 votes. There are several results below the top three as well, and the post provides a number of charts detailing the reasons why people voted for certain characters.

For example, 38% of players who voted for Cyno said that his kit/damage was the reason they regretted pulling for him. Meanwhile, 52.4% of unsatisfied Klee owners pointed to her gameplay as the reason for their displeasure.

Genshin Impact survey lists the characters players regret pulling for: multicoloured pie chart next to a character icon

The riridouluvme Reddit thread even includes charts and statistics for characters who fell below the top three. It’s initially a bit surprising to see generally popular characters like Xiao, Ganyu, and Hu Tao listed as regretted pulls, but then it all becomes clear when you think about how they play gameplay-wise. Each of their individual charts shows that gameplay is the biggest factor for that feeling of regret among players.

All three of those fan-favourites have unconventional playstyles. Xiao needs to constantly jump and use plunge attacks to do real damage, and Ganyu does a lot of strafing back and forth while charging up her bow shots. Hu Tao may be the worst offender — even though she’s my favourite DPS — as she needs to be at low health and constantly jump-cancel her charge attack to perform optimal combos.

With that being said, players who still want to pull for Xiao and Hu Tao will be happy to know that they’re both getting reruns in Genshin Impact version 3.4, according to recent 3.4 character banner leaks.