Genshin Impact Twitch event offers Primogems to streamers and viewers

This Genshin Impact Twitch event will hand out free Primogems to streamers who play the anime RPG's version 3.3 update, and the viewers who watch them

Genshin Impact Twitch event offers Primogems to streamers and viewers: anime girl with white hair and green eyes winking

This Genshin Impact event will be offering free Primogems, mora, level-up materials, and more as part of the anime game‘s Twitch Creator Program.  Both streamers and their viewers will have the chance to earn these rewards by accumulating streaming and viewing hours in version 3.3 once the event goes live on December 7.

The participants who stream in the Genshin Impact category on Twitch for at least six hours after the release of Genshin Impact version 3.3 will get a chance to win 200 Primogems. Streaming for nine hours will increase the number to 450 Primogems, and 12 hours will raise it again to 800 Primogems.

Finally, reaching 30 hours streamed within the event period will set the reward to 1,600 Primos, which is enough for 10 wishes. Unfortunately, unlike the previous Creator Program Twitch event, the rewards here will be limited. This means that only a certain number of streamers will bring home prizes.

As for the viewers, free in-game items will be given out via Twitch drops. Watch participating streamers for at least 15 minutes to get 20,000 mora, 30 minutes for four Sanctifying Unction, 60 minutes for five Mystic Enhancement Ore, 90 minutes for three Hero’s Wit, and 120 minutes for 30 Primogems.

If you’re still interested in participating, you’ll need to register here, and connect your HoYoverse account to receive rewards. The registration period lasts from December 2 to December 7, and the streaming period will be from the beginning of the version 3.3 update to December 27.

Rewards will be calculated from December 28 to January 9, and prizes will be sent out no later than 30 business days from the end of that calculation period. For all of the details on the event, be sure to check its HoYoLAB page.

There will be plenty of new content to stream and watch for Genshin Impact version 3.3, as HoYoverse is adding the Genius Invokation TCG along with new Anemo characters Scaramouche and Faruzan.