Genshin Impact Twitter login in jeopardy following new changes

The Genshin Impact Twitter login feature may be impacted by Twitter API changes, HoYoverse says, meaning you may not be able to log in and play the anime game.

Genshin Impact Twitter login - Sucrose, a green-haired character with glasses, looks at a mobile phone

HoYoverse is investigating whether Genshin Impact Twitter logins will be impacted by upcoming Twitter API changes and urges players to connect their email address to enable alternate login options for the open-world anime game. Changes being made to Twitter’s developer tools following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform are expected to have far-reaching ramifications on many groups and individuals who use them.

HoYoverse notes on the Genshin Impact Twitter that it is “in the process of confirming the impact of the Twitter API adjustments on game account login and the corresponding resolutions.” It says further announcements will follow once more details are confirmed, but encourages users who log into Genshin Impact with Twitter to link their Hoyoverse account to an email account “to prevent possible account login problems.”

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What is the Twitter API and how is it changing?

The Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) allows third parties to access data related to the site, which is frequently used for bots and other applications that hook into Twitter. The API is employed by developers to create tools such as Thread Reader, which is used to convert long tweet threads into a more readable format, and novelty accounts such as the Ace Attorney Court Bot, which frames conversations as arguments taking place in the law game.

Access to the Twitter API has always been free at a basic level, with the option to pay for premium tiers to get access to more advanced data tools. However, On February 2, the TwitterDev account announced, “Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API,” noting that a paid basic tier will be available instead. It has not announced what this will cost, and premium API tier prices are not publicly disclosed.

Many people and companies that utilise the free API tier say they do not wish to pay for the service – whether because they cannot afford to, or because they feel they should not be charged to use the tools when they are employing them to provide additional functionality for Twitter users. It’s unclear whether HoYoverse has access to a premium API tier, although one user in the replies jokes, “Lmao even HoYoverse is not paying for the stupid API.”

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If you’re someone who only has your Twitter account tied to your Genshin Impact account, then, you may wish to look into adding another login method to be on the safe side. We’d recommend doing so anyway, as it’s always good to have a fall-back option in case something goes awry. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any upcoming Genshin Impact banners, after all.

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