Genshin Impact Wanderer and Itto banners earn impressive day one sales

The Genshin Impact Wanderer and Arataki Itto character banners have produced relatively high sales after just the first day of the version 3.3 update

Genshin Impact Wanderer and Itto banners earn impressive day 1 sales: anime boy with dark hair and large hat

Genshin Impact’s Wanderer and Arataki Itto banners are now live, and they’re producing some impressive sales numbers to kick off the anime game‘s version 3.3 update.  Wanderer, formerly Scaramouche, has been a fan-favourite character ever since his first appearance in version 1.1, so these early results aren’t entirely unexpected. Itto has less of a following, so we can reliably say that Wanderer is doing the heavy lifting here alongside the new four-star character, Faruzan.

Childe and Yae Miko were on the previous character banners at the end of version 3.2, and they didn’t perform very well. Now, we can see that players were likely saving up for Wanderer, Itto, and Faruzan in the first half of Genshin Impact version 3.3. The pair didn’t break the day-one sales record set by Nahida and Yoimiya, but they’ve done well nonetheless.

Wanderer and Faruzan are both Anemo characters, so they’re great choices if you want to create teams that focus on elemental mastery through swirl reactions. Wanderer is a main DPS while Faruzan is more of a support, and they complement each other nicely if you’re looking to pull for both. It seems that plenty of players have already added the duo to their rosters.

Genshin Impact Wanderer and Itto banners earn impressive day 1 sales: colour-coded chart that shows sales numbers next to character icons

These sales numbers come from a site called GenshinLab that uses sales data from the Chinese App Store to give an accurate view of the spending habits for a large portion of Genshin Impact’s player base.

As shown above, Wanderer, Itto, and Faruzan managed to produce about USD $3,798,588 / £3,109,676, which puts them in eighth place for this ranking. For reference, Nahida and Yoimiya managed to pull in about USD $5,304,865 / £4,342,774.

Genshin Impact version 3.3 has only just begun, so Wanderer, Itto, and Faruzan have plenty of time to make some real progress when it comes to total sales. Then, Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato will become available for the second half of the update.