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The best Genshin Impact weapons you can get for free

These are the best free Claymores, Bows, Swords, Polearms, and Catalysts in Genshin Impact

A Genshin Impact character holding a weapon

Free Genshin Impact weapons are the best Genshin Impact weapons, right? True, the five-star weapons tend to outshine the four-stars, but you need primogems and a lot of luck to get them. On top of that, you really don’t need a five-star weapon for a good build. There’s plenty of great Hilichurl-slaying material out there.

Which weapons can you get for free though? And which ones are worth getting? That’s where this guide comes in: we’ve listed the best free Genshin Impact weapons (so no primogems required) and explained how to find them.

Keep in mind that a Genshin Impact weapon is great when equipped with the right character, and quite useless when equipped with the wrong one. If the stats and passive ability work well for at least one Genshin Impact character though, it deserves a spot on this list. Finally, we’re not counting the free event weapons, as they are only temporarily available. This includes the Luxurious Sealord, Festering Desire, Cinnabar Spindle, and Dodoco Tales.

A Genshin Impact character holding a sword


Amenoma Kageuchi

The Amenoma Kageuchi sword has an impressive secondary Attack stat of 55.1% at max level. On top of that, casting an Elemental Skill grants the wearer a succession seed, which stacks up to three and lasts for 30 seconds. After using an Elemental Burst, the seeds are consumed and will generate up to 12 Energy per seed. This sword is amazing on a character like Jean, whose abilities scale with Attack and has a short Elemental Skill cooldown. You can get the Amenoma Kageuchi crafting diagram by completing the Farmer’s Treasure quest in Inazuma. Once you have it, you can craft the weapon at a blacksmith station.

Iron Sting

Another great four-star weapon is the Iron Sting. It’s one of the few swords with an Elemental Mastery secondary stat, and it increases all damage by up to 12% (max two stacks) after dealing Elemental damage. As many characters deal regular elemental damage, it’s easy to find a deserving owner for this Genshin Impact sword. You don’t need a diagram to craft this weapon.

Prototype Rancour

Besides the five-star Aquila Favonia, the four-star Prototype Rancour is the only sword that grants increased Physical Damage. Normal and Charged Attack hits also increase the wearer’s Attack and Defense stats. Unfortunately, none of the current sword-wielding characters is a perfect match for this weapon, unless you’re set on building one of them as a physical DPS (Jean, perhaps). When it comes to boosting Bennett’s support skill though, the Prototype Archaic does a better job than the Iron Sting thanks to its high base Attack. The Prototype Rancour can be crafted in early game and you also get one Prototype Rancour as a reward for reaching Adventure Rank 10.

A Genshin Impact character holding a claymore


Prototype Archaic

Thanks to its high base attack and secondary attack stat, the free Prototype Archaic is a great weapon for most Attack-based main DPS characters. Its Normal and Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to deal additional AoE Attack damage, so make sure to give it to an active Claymore-wielder like Razor. It can be crafted in early game, no diagram required.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

The Snow-Tombed Starsilver has a high base Attack similar to that of the Prototype Archaic, but it comes with a Physical Damage stat. Furthermore, landing Normal and Charged Attacks deals extra damage, which is more than double if the victim is affected by Cryo. This obviously makes the Starsilver quite a niche weapon, but Eula-owners without five-star Claymores should get it right away. You can forge it after obtaining the diagram by solving Dragonspine’s Glacial Secret puzzle.


The Whiteblind is the best free Defense-based Claymore in Genshin Impact. Besides increasing Defense through its secondary stat, you’ll get an additional Attack and Defense boost upon landing Normal and Charged Attack hits. It can be crafted in early game, so your Noelle will never be without a great weapon.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

The Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is a tricky Claymore, but great in the right hands. Hitting enemies with your Elemental Skill costs a portion of your Energy, but it will recharge faster. In return, your character’s Skill deals more damage. After obtaining the diagram from a Luxurious Chest in The Arsenal (after completing the Tatara Tales Inazuma quest), you’re free to craft this weapon at a blacksmith station.

A Genshin Impact character holding a polearm


The Catch

Let’s start with The Catch, as it’s such an amazing Polearm to get for free. It gives a high Energy Recharge boost and it greatly increases Elemental Burst damage and Elemental Burst Critical Rate. It works on any Polearm character with a strong Burst attack, but it’s essential for Raiden Shogun if she doesn’t have the five-star Engulfing Lightning. The best thing about The Catch? You can exchange it for a selection of fishes at the Inazuma Fishing Association.

Kitain Cross Spear

The Kitain Cross Spear is quite the opposite of The Catch: it increases the wearer’s Elemental Skill, but at the cost of that character’s Energy. It’s highly dependent on your specific build, but it can be great on a quick Elemental Skill DPS like Rosaria. The crafting diagram for the Kitain Cross Spear is obtained by completing the Orobashi’s Legacy quest.

Prototype Starglitter

If you’re looking for a great all-round DPS Polearm, the Prototype Starglitter is exactly what you need. It offers increased Energy Recharge as well as a Normal and Charged Attack damage boost after using an Elemental Skill. It’s great on a character like Xiao or, if you’re using her as an active DPS, Rosaria. You can forge this Polearm at a blacksmith station without needing to find a diagram.

Dragonspine Spear

The Dragonspine Spear is also amazing for a Cryo DPS like Rosaria. It offers a Physical Damage bonus and the chance to land an additional AoE attack. The damage is greatly increased if your opponent is affected by Cryo. Get the Dragonspine Spear crafting diagram in (you guessed it) Dragonspine, after completing the Festering Fang quest.

Crescent Pike

Finally, there’s the Crescent Pike, which offers a Normal and Charged Attack bonus after picking up an Elemental Orb or Particle. It’s Physical Damage bonus is lower than the Dragonspine Spear, but you don’t need Cryo-affected opponents. In other words, use it on any main DPS Polearm wielder in your team. You can craft this weapon right away.

A Genshin Impact character holding a bow


Prototype Crescent

The Prototype Crescent is not the best free bow in Genshin Impact, but it can be good if used by a strong DPS character. It offers a decent Attack increase that gets an additional bonus if you land Charged Attack hits on enemy weak spots. Use it on characters who profit from extra Attack Power, such as Fischl and Ganyu. You can craft the Prototype Crescent without having to search for a diagram.

Compound Bow

The Compound Bow is a bit like the Prototype Crescent, in the sense that it’s also available for crafting in early game and it also increases Attack Power. The difference is that the Compound Bow increases Physical Damage instead of Attack, and any Normal or Charged Attacks will trigger the weapon’s ability. The Compound Bow is therefore more suitable for a main DPS who just needs to continuously land quick shots.

Hamayumi bow

The Hamayumi bow has an amazing Attack increase. It also strengthens Normal and Charged Attack damage, an effect that’s doubled when the wearer’s Energy reaches 100%. As Hamayumi is at its best when used by a main DPS character who ignores their Burst Attack, it’s a bit hard to find the right match. A combo with Yoimiya or Fischl can be very strong if you’re willing to make that sacrifice. You can obtain the crafting diagram by opening Takashi’s Mysterious Conch chests in Inazuma.

Favonius Warbow

Next up: the Favonius Warbow. Yes, this is a bow that’s normally only available on the wish banner. However, if you complete ‘A Long Shot’, which is part of the Mondstadt Archon Quests, you’ll get one for free. Although you can’t get additional bows as refinement material without doing Wish pulls, it’s worth getting a single Favonius Warbow for its highly increased Energy Regeneration.

A Genshin Impact character holding a catalyst


Prototype Amber

The Prototype Amber is a perfect Catalyst for our healers Barbara and Kokomi. Besides increasing their HP, this weapon boosts their Energy Recharge after using a Burst and it grants extra HP regeneration to their allies. You can craft the Prototype Amber at a blacksmith station.

Mappa Mare

The Mappa Mare, on the other hand, is great for Elemental damage dealers. It increases Elemental Mastery and grants an additional Elemental damage bonus after triggering an Elemental Reaction. It’s a great choice for DPS characters like Klee and Yanfei. You can craft this Catalyst right away, no diagram needed.


This free Catalyst is great for main DPS characters who rely on Normal and Charged Attacks: the Frostbearer. Landing such attacks has a chance of dropping an icicle, dealing extra AoE damage. The Attack damage is increased if the victim is affected by Cryo. That brings us to a small issue: there’s no Cryo Catalyst user in the game. However, another teammate can cast Cryo on an enemy, so the full Frostbearer effects can still be activated. As such, it’s a very powerful weapon in a Melt team with Yanfei or a Freeze team with Mona. If you want to receive the Frostbearer crafting diagram, you need to upgrade Dragonspine’s Frostbearing Tree to level 10.

Hakushin Ring

Finally, there’s the Hakushin Ring, which increases Energy Recharge. Its passive is quite unusual: after triggering an Electro Elemental Reaction, nearby party members involved in the reaction will receive an Elemental bonus for their own Elemental type. As there’s no Electro Catalyst user at the moment of writing, you need a teammate like Fischl to take care of that. Once that’s done, give the Hakushin Ring to Mona, Yanfei, or Sucrose. You can obtain this weapon’s crafting diagram by completing the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in Inazuma.

And that concludes our list with the best free Genshin Impact weapons. If you’d rather get a weapon from wishes after all, have a look at our guide on the current and upcoming banners.