Genshin Impact Yoimiya art contest offers Primogems and cash prizes

HoYoverse is hosting a Yoimiya fan art contest for artistically-inclined Genshin Impact players, and these rewards might just make it worth your time


Yoimiya’s character banner rerun is right around the corner, so HoYoverse is currently holding a Yoimiya art contest to, presumably, help get the Geshin Impact community extra excited for her re-release. And what better way to get the community interested than to offer both Primogems and actual cash as prizes?

The contest has already begun and will last until August 9, with HoYoverse planning to announce the results on August 31. This kind of competition is something that HoYoverse has done in the past with other characters, including Klee and Kazuha, but it doesn’t happen too often, so entering may be worth your while.

The official contest outline says that to enter, you need to upload original fan art of Yoimiya to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram while using the hashtags ‘#Yoimiya’ and ‘#GenshinImpact’ when posting (without the quotation marks). This contest allows entrants to post multiple pieces of art, but only one can be chosen as a winning piece. This means that each participant can only win one prize, no matter how many pieces of fan art they post.

After you’ve posted your art, you need to fill out this Google Docs form, as it asks for players’ UIDs, links to their posts, and a screenshot from their account to verify account ownership. That is the final step in entering the contest.

For those looking to enter and flex their artistic skills, here’s what the prize list looks like:

  • First Prize (one winner)
    3,000 Primogems + 500 USD
  • Second Prize (three winners)
    1,000 Primogems + 200 USD
  • Third Prize (five winners)
    500 Primogems + 100 USD
  • Lucky Prize (10 winners)
    20 USD worth of merchandise prizes

The judging phase will last for the majority of August, but those who manage to win will be able to use those Primogems on some of the upcoming character banners that’ll arrive when we step foot in Sumeru for the version 3.0 update.

If you’re planning to pull for Yoimiya during her banner rerun, check out our Yoimiya build guide to get an idea of how she may fit on your team.