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George, meet George: Broken Sword 5’s two halves are united

Broken Sword 5 part 2

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse is united today. The Kickstarted adventure game was unceremoniously carved in two with a rusty blade, leaving the adventure only half complete when people played last year. 

But the two halves are back together, now that part two is becoming a tangible, playable thing today. 

I avoided the first part, simply because I wasn’t willing to sit around on my arse wondering when part 2 was going to come out. I’ll be playing it as god intended – slightly tipsy, wearing very little and both parts together.

Steve gave the first part the review treatment, and while he wasn’t impressed, he’s still very much in love with American abroad, George Stobbart. “Still, Broken Sword 5 will slowly worm itself into your affections if you expose yourself to its ever so gentle humour for long enough. Whatever the opposite of subversive is, this is it, and there’s something bizarrely, stupidly funny about Stobbart’s straight-delivery of an idea that his trap of putting a biscuit inside a matchbox is good enough that he might fall for it himself.”