Get Even comparison video shows how close the game got to its real world locations

get even trailer comparison

Namco Bandai’s creepy shooter Get Even used a process called photogrammetry to create its realistic environments. The process involves photographers visiting locations and taking hundreds of photos of the scene. The photos are then used to create the architecture and textures you see in the game.

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If done right, the resulting scenes can look astonishingly close to real-life, as the new comparison video shows:

Photogrammetry is a fascinating technique that more games are starting to use. One of the first was The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and it’s something that Epic Games has been showing off for years now. It lets small teams create levels in their games that are as good looking (if not better) than those coming out of teams of hundreds of artists.

The downside of photogrammetry is that, while it’s excellent at capturing scenes in real-life, it’s difficult to make alterations to the environment. Anything that isn’t up to the same quality as the photographed architecture stands out next to it.