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Get your Airfix fix: Gaijin kit out War Thunder with user-generated content toolset

Believe it or not, this is a Gaijin-created War Thunder plane. I know.

Nobody knows precisely the means by which a user generates content. Perhaps they secrete it as a fine paste through their pores; maybe it rises suddenly in their throat, and is hurled violently onto the living room carpet. But one thing’s for sure: them users can’t stop generating that content.

Gaijin Entertainment are the latest to extend a bucket beneath the user to catch the nutritious content as it falls from them – with a new plane-building toolset for wildly popular dogfighting sim War Thunder.

With update 1.39, Gaijin have today added an array of “special downloadable tools” to War Thunder.

Players – sorry, users – will be able to create and customise planes to whatever degree they choose. They can personalise skins, but also build entirely new models and tweak cockpit details on a granular level.

Gaijin have taken a leaf out of Valve’s automated book (Kindle?) – in that a quick-check system will ensure newly-built planes fit with the strict parameters of the game. Once a jet’s passed its MOT, however, it can be used freely on local PCs in custom missions, or shared with the community.

Elsewhere in the update are new maps and missions, 18 new aircraft, and squadron battles – competitive events for player created factions replete with an Elo rating system. So that’s nice.

Hmm. Now would be a good time to pull out a TF2 statistic, wouldn’t it? Let’s see what we’ve got. Okay, here’s a good one: Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 item makers earn, on average, $15,000 each. Cor. Could you see War Thunder going the same way, if a store system were implemented?