Get your curses here: new Dark Souls trailer has mummies with fashionable capes

Dark Souls 2 Cursed trailer

Dark Souls 2 is out and we’ve given it a verdict in our Dark Souls 2 review.

Gosh, Dark Souls 2 is a bit depressing, isn’t it? Like a package holiday in Lanzarote, it’s filled with curses, scuffles and miserable people. The latest trailer is a rogues gallery of hideous monsters, from mummies in fur capes to grotestque demons with howling, damned souls stuck to to their bottoms. 

The kingdom of Drangleic looks pretty, at least. Well, it did in that one panoramic shot, until it was revealed to be a ruined, desolate land bursting with angry inhabitants and crumbling towers. It’s cursed, you see, and so are you, because Dark Souls 2 is bleak and miserable and will probably lead to countless deaths. I can’t bloody wait.

The PC port – hopefully less shoddy than its predecessor’s – will be dropping soon after its launch on consoles on March 14th.