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Get your face ready: a consumer beta for the Oculus Rift could kick off as early as next April

Oculus Rift beta

Oculus VR has yet to spill the beans on its plans for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, and when we’ll actually be able to slap the headset on our eager faces. However, a public beta of the consumer version may kick off as early as April, 2015. 

That’s less than a year away, so start moisturising your face now.

TechRadar reports that multiple sources have leaked the VR developer’s plans to launch a consumer beta in a very limited rollout.

Oculus VR will be handling distribution, and according to the sources wants to keep the number of units low to gauge consumer and retailer interest before making them available to everyone.

Given the overwhelmingly positive response so far, and the number of dev kits out there, it seems like interest is pretty damn high already. But this caution, making only a limited number of units available, could play into the hype. We want what we can’t have.

One possible window for the beta is April next year, but these plans are still apparently up in the air, and it may be pushed back into the summer.

Last week, we learned that Oculus VR was considering a price of no more than $400, which is around £245. Co-founder Nate Mitchell said that the company wanted to “stay in that $200-$400 price range”.

In the mean time, you can try your luck with a dev kit 2 model which will set you back around £215 or $350.

Cheers, TechRadar.