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Ghost Recon Breakpoint perks: what are the best perks in the game

Find out how to equip perks in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the best perks to use with your current class

Ghost Recon Breakpoint perks

Ghost Recon Breakpoint perks can be purchased using skill points in the skill tree. These skill points are earned from gaining XP by completing missions, killing enemies, or progressing the story. Perks are incredibly important when tackling tougher bosses, new challenges, and building your skill tree, so you can adapt to missions ahead.

There are four Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes that can be swapped in and out at Ghost Recon Breakpoint bivouacs around the map, depending on the mission you’re about to tackle, or your personal playstyle.

You’re never locked into a specific class and can visit these small campsites at any time to change your class – once you’ve unlocked the class with a skill point. Ghost Recon Breakpoint perks can be changed at any time, so once you’ve unlocked a perk, you can continue to swap it in and out, depending on your class. Here’s all the perks in Ghost Recon Breakpoint including how to equip them in the menu and the best perks we’ve found so far.

What are the best perks in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

We recommend spending the extra skill points to gain additional perk slots in the skill tree. One extra perk slot will set you back two skill points and a further extra perk slot will cost another four skill points – but it’s worth it.

If you’re playing as the Assault class, choosing stealth options is a great way to sneak up on enemies, and leads to a skill branch of perks that benefits its class technique, such as Guerrilla, but also compliments it’s up close and personal approach to combat. By having two or more perks slots you’re able to mix and match to approach stealthily, but hold your own once your among enemies. Or if you prefer hanging back as the Sharpshooter, progressing to the Sniper perks, and pairing that with a Recon perk for scouting ahead for enemies, means you can sit back and shoot the bad guys, while gaining 40% XP.

Below is a breakdown of all the Ghost Recon Breakpoint perks and where they can be found in the skill tree.


  • Pack Mule: +40% maximum ammo and +10% ammo pick up


  • Pistolero: +15% reload speed and +20% damage while using a hand cannon
  • Close and Personal: +15 reload speed and +10 mobility


  • Recon Mastery: every enemy marked with your drone reduces your technique cooldown by 10%, and increases your XP gain by 40%


  • Rolling Thunder: +20% to weapon damage and drone damage while using a sniper rifle
  • Gunslinger: +15% accuracy and handling on every hit
  • Iron Lungs: +100% breath control while aiming and swimming
    Ballistic Advantage: +40 to range and +20 to accuracy


  • Burst Forth: +10% to movement speed and +75% stamina regen speed


  • Revivalist: after an ally is downed you’ll pick up +20% movement speed and +40% damage resistance
  • Inspired: instantly heal some of your health when your ally snags a kill
  • Drone Hunter: after destroying a drone you’ll instantly heal back some of your health


  • Sixth Sense: +25m automatic marking – marks all enemies in range, though it can’t be used in Ghost War
  • Sensor Hack: +10% damage to drones and +40% drone evasion
  • Slim Shadow: +50 stealth


  • Explosives Expert: +20% to items’ area of effect, +20% explosive damage, and +40% throw damage


  • Guerrilla: for every hit with a shotgun you’ll pick up +10% damage resistance and +20% health regen speed
  • Adrenaline: get some of your health back after scoring a kill in close quarters
  • Feel No Pain: pick up the relentless perk, which means you can’t reach critical injury levels, along +25% to injury resistance
  • Cold Blooded: – 30% health regen delay, +100% health regen speed

Ghost Recon Breakpoint perks loadout


Once you’ve unlocked perks using skill points, you’ll be able to equip them on your loadout menu. These perks can be swapped in and out at any time, and we recommend doing just that depending on the class you’re playing as.

It’s worth noting that to unlock some perks, you’ll need to unlock two skills from the previous branch. We also recommend using early skill points on the Weapon skill branch to unlock Mark Upgrade so you’re able to upgrade your weapons quicker.