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Ghost Recon Breakpoint how to change class and prepare for missions

Here’s how to change class in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and other ways to utilise bivouacs

Ghost Recon Breakpoint bivouac

How do you change class in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Bivouacs can be located around Auroa and are incredibly useful to prepare for missions, this includes changing your class, planning tactics with friends, and fast travelling to locations across the island.

If you’re going into a mission then stopping at a bivouac may be a natural part of your trip there, you can use these nifty campsites to craft new items, or even purchase gear, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapons. Bivouacs also have preparations you can make that increase abilities for a short time period including injury resistance, fatigue resistance, drone speed, stamina, accuracy, and XP bonus.

Resting at bivouacs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint also means you can adjust the time, choosing a time that’s best suited to the mission you’re about to tackle. If it’s the middle of the night and you want to wait out the morning, or if you need nightfall for a stealthy mission. Here’s everything you need to know about bivouacs including how to change class in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, where to find bivouacs, how best to utilise them, and the items you can craft.

How to change class in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

You can change class in Ghost Recon Breakpoint by visiting a bivouac at any time. There are four Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes, Assault, Field Medic, Sharpshooter, and Panther. You can press E at a bivouac location to deploy it, and simply choose the tactics tab to change your classes in and out. You do have to purchase classes with skill points in order to have the choice.

How to unlock bivouacs

You can unlock bivouacs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint by finding intel across the island, either in notepads found in facilities, or asking island residents on the side of the road or spots around Auroa. They’re usually fixing up a car, or quarrelling with each other – simply approach them and the intel symbol will appear. Also be on the lookout for a stream of smoke leading from bivouacs if you don’t want to waste your intel selection on finding new locations.

How to craft items at bivouacs

There are various rations you can craft at bivouacs that can give you a small bump before a mission such as dexterity or recovery. You can also use the craft tab to create grenades, medicine, and other explosive devices. Resources to craft these items can be found around the island in the form of plants, animals, or resource drops from drones.

How to gain stamina at bivouacs

Your stamina bar depletes when you’ve either taken a tumble down a hill (there’s plenty of them) or sprinted too far. Unless you fill up on water, your stamina bar might not recover if you become exhausted and it will slowly chip away. Resting at bivouacs is a great way to recover before a mission, so make it part of your fast travel plans.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint bivouacs can be crucial to top up and prepare before a mission, or if you’re on the hunt for a specific blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and need to change class beforehand. Preparing for missions with friends and tinkering with your weapons in the Ghost Recon gunsmith is all part of why bivouacs are so essential.