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A Ghost Recon Breakpoint glitch lets you kill Jon Bernthal within minutes

One player's discovered a way to take out the game's antagonist pretty quickly

Despite a minor hiccup, the open beta for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is now live, so players are now getting their first taste of the online tactical shooter. That includes scoring their first kills in the game, and it looks like one player has landed a pretty huge victory already – they’ve taken out Jon Bernthal (well, chief antagonist Colonel Cole D. Walker).

The Walking Dead and The Punisher actor plays the leader of a rogue group made up of ex-military Ghosts called the Wolves in the game, and your biggest foe. Overseeing the Wolves’ takeover and control of Aurora, he’s a big ol’ baddie you probably wouldn’t expect to be able to take out so easily, but Reddit user Silentinsub has already achieved the feat – in a manner of speaking.

They’ve posted a picture of, sure enough, Walker himself taken out, saying “made it out of the crash site to run into an old friend. Did I beat the game?” In the comments the user explains that the result was from searching three helicopters. Reportedly, “after the second, you see Walker shoot someone, then you race off to the third one.” They add that following this, they “fought about five guys, then suddenly Walker was just shuffling around near the road.”

So, it sounds like it’s probably a little bit of a glitch in the game, but the result is pretty amusing – and the user humorously suggests that it should count as an official speedrun attempt.

Made it out of the crashsite to run into an old friend. Did I beat the game? from r/GhostRecon

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches next week, on October 4. Whether you’ll still get the chance to take out Walker early when the final build arrives, though, we’ll just have to wait and see – you might have to be patient and let him do a bit more of his whole baddie bit first.