Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s next title update revamps AI teammates

The Breakpoint devs have revealed what to expect from the next title update

The Ghost Recon Breakpoint devs have already surprised us with news that the game is due for further updates this year, and that a 2021 roadmap was on the way. Now that roadmap is here, and while it’s a little more ‘directions from some guy you met at a gas station’ than a proper map, it does give us an idea of what to expect from the next few title updates.

Title update 4.0.0 is due to launch toward the “end of spring” (summer officially starts June 20, for the record), and is labelled the ‘teammate experience update’. As the name suggests, this’ll be an expansion of the AI teammate system that was introduced last year, and it’ll introduce several additional features based on player feedback.

Your AI squad will now have an XP progression system that’ll “unlock new passive skills and abilities as you play”, and a new, dedicated quest log will point you toward those new features while providing a selection of new rewards.

The official site has less to say on title update 4.1.0, which is due to launch this fall, other than to say it will “be one of the biggest operations so far”.

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