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Ghost Recon Breakpoint wanted system explained

Here’s how to avoid the flying drones and what happens once the alarm has been raised

Ghost Recon marked system

How does the Ghost Recon Breakpoint wanted system work? There are 20 different types of drones in Breakpoint, all ranging in difficulty and ability. Some drones are heavily armoured, while others unleash rockets. They’re a lot harder to take down than their one-headshot companions, requiring you to mix up your arsenal depending on the drone you’re facing.

Set in Auroa, a fictional cluster of islands with 21 provinces, the drones have swarmed the landscape under the control of Skell Technology. Out of these drones is the plane-like Azraël, a slim and nimble drone that skirts the treelines, watching from above.

If you’re suddenly being descended upon by a team of Wolves and their gun firing drone buddies, then it’s more than likely you’ve triggered an alarm and you’ve been spotted by this flying mechanical demon. Here’s our guide explaining exactly how the Ghost Recon Breakpoint wanted system works, how to avoid triggering the alarm, and what to do if you’re spotted.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint flying drones

So, how does the Ghost Recon Breakpoint wanted system work? You may have been minding your own business in a seemingly safe part of the map covered by a canopy of trees – without an enemy in sight. Then, an alarm triggers and an army of Wolves and drones deploy right in front of you and you’re forced to fight them off, no matter if you’re prepared or not.

You can avoid this disaster by either going prone, or camouflaging yourself in the environment when the drones are circling up above. The Panther Ghost Recon Breakpoint class has a special class item called Cloaking Spray, which can be used to make you undetectable by drones.

Be sure to keep an eye on your mini-map for these pesky drones, as they’re hard to spot, and even harder to deal with the consequences once you’re spotted.