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Ghost Recon Online open beta launched today, with trailer attached


Did you hear what happened at Gamescom today? Everything. In addition to all that, Ubisoft have launched the open beta for Ghost Recon Online with a new trailer, and you can download the game for free whenever you like.

Sign-up and download are available through the game’s official site. It reportedly comes in at around the 2GB mark, so you can enter that into your calculations when deciding whether it’s worth your time.

The trailer details the array of tactical options supported by Ghost Recon Online. We’re talking neither the tactical decision to, say, hike over a hill and lie in the brush for half an hour, nor a dubiously tactical shooting from the hip – the two extremes the Ghost Recon series has swayed back and forth between throughout its long and busy history. Instead, Ghost Recon Online’s strategies are the stuff of small-scale CoD-like skirmishes; whatever’s necessary to distract or disrupt long enough to get the drop on a pwn-ee. Indeed, “pwning” is described as the primary motivation to play GRO. Morebelow: