Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta bedeviled by errors and server maintenance

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft’s coming open-world co-op shooter, Ghost Recon Wildlands, recently launched its open beta weekend, and if the purpose of an open beta is to uncover bugs and other performance issues, it seems to be going well. 

Wondering what you’re getting into? Here’s everything we know about Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Though the beta has been live for just over a day, servers have been down for maintenance twice. Moreover, players are reporting common incidences of an error – ‘ribera-1000b’ – which renders the game unplayable. This happens even in solo mode, with AIs as teammates.

According tothrowaway9000n on Reddit, this error is fixable through port forwarding – here’s avideo guidecatered to those suffering from this particular error.

According, the servers have been running much better since around this time yesterday. There are still plenty of complaints in the comments on that page, but it’s obviously a biased sample.

Feedback on theGhost Recon subredditis otherwise mixed – some are enjoying the game and are even reporting a smooth experience, while others complain about the AI, squad management, and lack of features such as dragging bodies away. It’s hard to imagine the game will change substantially between now and its imminent launch (March 7), but here’s hoping the server issues are fixed.

If you’d like to get in on the Wildlands open beta, it’s available either from Ubisoft’s website or onSteam.