Rainbow Six Siege crosses over with Ghost Recon Wildlands in new PVE missions

ghost recon wildlands rainbow six siege the badge

Ubisoft’s vision of the Tom Clancy-verse is getting yet another Marvel-esque crossover, as the Rainbow Six Siege team joins Ghost Recon Wildlands. I think this means we’re about six months away from Sam Fisher leading a team of Clancy creations to stop a trickster god from ruling the world. (Or something like that.)

There’s not much to go on here, with no more than a quick trailer teasing the new crossover. You can check it out below, but it essentially runs down the previous special events in the form of badges and patches on the Wildlands crew. It all culminates with a “6” patch, as somebody looks toward a freshly landed helicopter with some new friends disembarking.

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This event will apparently be called – appropriately enough – The Badge, and will be part of Special Operation 2 launching on July 24. A more fully featured trailer will come on July 23. Like the Splinter Cell crossover in Special Operation 1, it seems this one will entail a set of free PVE missions

Check out the teaser below.

Special Operation 2 has plenty more to offer as well, with a Ghost Mode giving you a high-stakes permadeath option, along with new PVP maps, and the option to go truly solo in single-player by disabling AI teammates. You can see more details on all those addition in the features video.

Even the sky’s not the limit for further Wildlands crossovers, with even the Predator having landed in the digital Bolivia. Seeing Siege make the leap at this point shouldn’t be surprising.