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Pokémon dev’s second PC game Giga Wrecker smashing up Early Access now

Giga Wrecker

Game Freak, the Japanese studio behind literally every Pokémon game, have sent their 2D action-puzzler Giga Wrecker onto the perilous road of Steam Early Access.

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Much like the company’s only other foray into PC gaming, Tembo the Badass Elephant, you smash your way through levels by throwing a ball, this time comprised of debris from other stuff you’ve smashed up.

See, you play as a cyborg girl with the power of ARCHE which, as everyone knows, stands for ARms Creating and Handling Effect. While completely self-explanatory, we’ll just clarify that yes, this power does allow you to “construct various weapons using rubbles and scraps from broken objects.”

Those weapons range from a big ball, to javelins or swords or even drills, the most powerful of rubble-destroying weapons.

The stated release window for Giga Wrecker is January 2017, if it smashes its way through the gauntlet of Early Access, and is available right now for $14.99/£10.99.

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