Free-to-play third-person MOBA Gigantic has an open beta for Windows 10 only

Best MOBA Gigantic

Update December 8, 2016: Gigantic’s open beta went live today, but only for Windows 10 and Xbox One players, with no word yet on the launch for the other PC version, available via Arc.

You can head to the Windows Store now if you’re on Windows 10, and even enjoy cross-play with Xbox One users. It’s currently not clear whether Windows 10 players will be able to play with other PC gamers on Arc, however. 

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On the Gigantic FAQ, it says:

“Q: Is Gigantic cross-platform?

“A: Gigantic is a Play Anywhere title that allows Windows 10 users to fight against Xbox One users on the same battlefield. Users that play through Arc on PC will not be able to play with Windows 10 or Xbox One users.”

We reached out to Perfect World to ask if this was the case, but their response was vague. “Details on the Arc launch including date and cross-play information are coming at a later time,” said a representative.

With the FAQ explicitly saying it isn’t the case, reading between the lines, it looks like they are trying to find a way to make it work. For now, though, you’ll just have to play on Windows 10.

Update November 26, 2016:Gigantic is getting an open beta on December 8 in Europe and America, accessible via the Windows Store and exclusive to Windows 10 users.

You’ll be able to try the free-to-play competitive MOBA in just over a week, providing you have the right OS. It needs to be Windows 10 because it supports cross-play with Xbox One, you see.

“With Gigantic, we are trying to create an entirely new competitive experience,” said James Phinney, VP of product development at Motiga. “Throughout development, Gigantic has gotten attention for its unique art style, whimsical setting and fast-paced gameplay, but our goal has always been something more.

“We’ve sought to build a game full of intense moments and meaningful strategic choices, where there are many paths to victory and it’s always possible to come back and win. Open beta and participation in the Xbox Game Preview program is an exciting new phase for the project. We’re really looking forward to partnering with players to finish up Gigantic.”

Players can also check out Gigantic for a limited time during this weekend’s closed beta test, which runs from December 1 at 9am (PST) to December 4 at 11:59pm (PST). This follows the previous beta event, the details of which are below. Expect this beta phase to offer similar content.

Original Story November 14, 2016: Gigantic, the hyperactive, third-person MOBA from Motiga, will be enjoying a beta this weekend, so you can jump in and slice, shoot and otherwise damage massive monsters, tiny mobs and other players.

To take part, you can download Gigantic on the Windows Store this weekend. Whether you’ve had the game before or not, you’ll need to grab the new client. You’ll also need the latest Windows updates, Visual Studio updates, and graphics drivers.

The event begins on November 17, at 9am PST (Noon EST / 18:00 CET) and ends onNovember 20, at 11:59pm PST (3am EST / 9:00 CET, Monday).

Here’s what’s available in the beta:

  • 4 Featured Heroes: Aisling, Charnok, HK-206, Uncle Sven
  • 4 Random Heroes: Every player will have four additional heroes randomly unlocked on their account. (Don’t worry, you can earn currency and unlock any heroes that aren’t on your random rotation this week!)
  • 3 Maps: Ghost Reef, Sanctum Falls, Siren’s Strand
  • NO NDA: Share the game with your friends! Stream, record, take screenshots, and share them all with the community! You can also share all your favourite moments with us on Twitter and on the official forum!
  • NO Progression Wipe: Continue where you left off; you can play all the heroes you unlocked last weekend!