We’re giving away 1,000 Airship Supplies for Gigantic on Steam! Grab yours now


Gigantic isn’t like other MOBAs. The clue is in the name: the large size refers to the huge Guardians you take to fight alongside your team’s five chosen heroes in battle. Further departing from the genre’s well-known formula, Gigantic, is also a third-person hero shooter, rather than being another isometric battle of mouse clicks.

Perhaps that info alone is enough to entice you into playing Gigantic. If so, please, go ahead – it’s free to download after all. Now is also a great time to jump in as it launched in Steam on July 20th, so the community is building as they continue to learn the best tactics to secure a victory.

But if you need more of a nudge to get you into playing Gigantic then, well well well, look at what we have here – it’s a 1,000 code giveaway. Yep, we’re letting you grab an Airship Supply for the game that gives you skins and boosts.

Each Airship Supply contains the following:

  • Tyto The Swift’s The Valerian skin
  • Beckett’s Iron Tower skin
  • Margrave’s Seraphe Betrayer skin
  • Tripp’s Citadel of Amber skin
  • 10 Win Crown boosts
  • 10 Win Prestige boost

If you want in, all you need to do is complete one of the actions in the widget below. Oh, and you’ll need to download Gigantic in order to redeem the code too, of course. Grab your code below and then follow the instructions under the widget to redeem it through Steam.

Gigantic giveaway

To redeem your Gigantic Airship Supply code on Steam:

1. Visit gogigantic.com/steam

2. Click on the “Play Game” button and download Gigantic

3. Launch the game and create an Arc account

4. Once in the Gigantic launcher, select the “Redeem Code” button

5. Enter the code and click “Next” to claim your pack