Gliding as softly as a cloud: Cities in Motion 2 gets monorails

Cities in Motion 2 expansion adds monorails

The first time I played Cities in Motion 2, I made the most labyrinthine transport network imaginable, and after a day of nobody using it, I spotted a little old lady hopping onto one of my overpriced buses. It was like watching my child go off to school for the first time, but better, because I like buses more than children. 

Monorails, however, are infinitely cooler. 

The Marvellous Monorails expansion lets city planners expand their transport network by adding elevated tracks all over their cities, with five new monorail vehicles sheparding citizens all over the city. The monorails are best used in circular layouts for inner city connections and are more affordable than expensive metro lines.

That’s one sexy red monorail train. And as everyone knows, red is the colour of speed, so they must be good!

Cities in Motion 2 is also now available on Linux, as of today, and you can pick up the expansion for PC, Mac and Linux for $9.99.