Indie stealth game Gloomwood early access delayed to September

The Gloomwood Early Access launch date has been pushed back a few weeks as developers recover from COVID and do some last-minute polishing

Gloomwood early access launch delayed: Two figures in plague doctor costumes with green glowing eyes heft weapons outside a red wooden door with iron bars.

‘Thief with guns’ has been the tagline for indie immersive sim Gloomwood since it first appeared two years ago, and that’s naturally led to a high level of anticipation for its Early Access release date. While that had been slated for August 16, the developers have announced that they’re pushing the date back a few weeks. Gloomwood will now enter Early Access on September 6.

“Due to some unforeseen game development issues that have cropped up over the last few months, as well as several of our developers falling sick to The Gloom (COVID) we’ve made the decision to push back the Gloomwood Early Access release date,” the devs write in a Steam update.

The delay is only three weeks, they explain, and will allow them to make up for time lost due to illness and provide some breathing room for the launch of an update to another game they’re working on, Ultrakill. That update, Ultrakill Act II, will go live as planned August 16.

“As you may know, we here at New Blood hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and Gloomwood is no exception,” the developers conclude, with what we assume are withering expressions on their faces. (They made Dusk, after all, so we can’t reallly blame them.)

In the meantime, check out the best old games to play on PC right now, and you’ll have plenty to fill up the three weeks extra you’ll be waiting for the launch of Gloomwood in Early Access on Steam.