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Goat Simulator gets double the goat mayhem with a multiplayer update, dated for next month

Goat Simulator getting a new map and multiplayer

Goat Simulator, the ultra-realistic sim based on the real capabilities of these dangerous farm animals, is getting a split-screen multiplayer a new map in May, Coffee Stain Studios announced. 

The additional map will be “roughly the size of the original vanilla map,” said the developer. Another playground to witness the physics-defying power of goats is always welcome. 

The update is free to boot. “A lot of people have been asking for DLC with new maps for Goat Simulator, but we would feel bad charging people for DLC content when people can just download new stuff for free from the Steam Workshop, so we decided to do a free update instead,” said Coffee Stain’s Armin Ibrisagic.

Tim took a look at the game last week. It left him cold, but he thought it boasted some interesting design. “There are challenges: little mini-games that have to be defeated on the route to a high score. A goat wrestling ring. A murderous pentagram that must be fed with corpses/unconscious ragdolls. A goat version of Flappy Birds. There is stuff to do, and just as each joke wears thin, it stops.”

It’s fun if very limited, but will multiplayer and a new map tempt you into picking it up or returning?

Cheers, Eurogamer.