Crumbs: Goat Simulator and I Am Bread collide in free GoatBread DLC

Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain and Bossa Studios have both separately developed reputations for affectionate reference and crossover, so it’s perhaps no surprise they’d wind up clinging to each other in the pastich-ether. So it is that I Am Bread is gaining a RAMpage mode, and Goat Simulator a slice of bread for a protagonist.

“GoatBread celebrates the love between two of the greatest ever videogame characters known to man,” say the two developers. “A Goat and a slice of Bread. What could be more natural than that?”

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And on the official GoatBread site: “Two of the greatest video game characters combine in an unholy alliance in the gaming event of the millennium! GoatBread will show you unbelieveable new ways to get even more Goat and even more Bread in your life. And who doesn’t want that?”

Who indeed. Both updates will be free soon on Steam, which as master of the surprise patch has proved the perfect platform for this sort of thing. There’s a trailer, which appears to have been very much a Photoshop job.

How is it that a slice of bread wearing goggles so closely resembles a Minion? One of the great mysteries.

Did you play Coffee Stain’s take-off of the survival genre, the grimly-named GoatZ? or the Team Fortress 2 I Am Bread level?