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GoD Factory: Wingmen update v1.1.0 adds full joystick support and three new maps

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GoD Factory: Wingmen’s update v1.1.0’s three new maps are just the icing on the cake. The patch changes a vast amount of the game’s workings, adding new features, fixing bugs, and making significant balance changes.

If you’ve been following Wingmen you’ll want to go into the fine details of this patch to see how the game’s been changed.

Firstly, those three new maps. Each map’s centred around a new mechanic, making them play differently from the others. For instance, when you capture a base in Magma it creates a danger zone around the station that’ll damage anyone caught within. Each capture locks down the map, narrowing the area for dogfights and intensifying the action. Shipyard is a map riddled with jump gates, allowing you to dodge about a map and mount surprise assaults on the other team.

Nine Dots Studio’s also added support for joysticks with more than 20 buttons so you can now customise your controller to contain all the actions you could possibly need. You can also mix and match devices, so you can use a joystick and pedals to fly your ship.

You’ll also be able to upgrade your ship more quickly, too, because Nine Dots now reward you with 1.5 times as many credits.

Wingmen’s colour scheme, which was already vibrant, has been made even more intense, to increase “visual diversity”.

I’ve copied in the full change log on the next page where you can read the great many changes to Wingmen’s items.

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