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These DDR4 RAM sticks make me want a God of War gaming PC

The Dato Ares Armor DDR4 RAM kit makes me wish that more manufacturers would get more creative in the designs of their gaming PC components

Kratos from Sony's God of War, wielding two Ares Armor RAM sticks as if they were the Blades of Chaos

Ever since playing God of War on my gaming PC, I’ve felt a longing desire to dive deeper into the franchise by playing the previous games in the series. Alas, Sony is yet to port Kratos’s previous adventures to Windows, but I may have found a way to satiate my hunger for more mythology via an unlikely source: DDR4 RAM.

I found the Dato Ares Armor DDR4 RAM kit as I browsed through the virtual booths of Computex 2022, and it immediately invoked images of Grecian urns, Walt Disney’s Hercules, and, naturally, God of War. While the meander pattern that lines its heat shield is unmistakably inspired by Ancient Greek pottery, I must admit that it’s the RGB rainbow plume that drew me in.

Dato says that in taking Ares as the brand image for its memory, it wanted to symbolise the “speed, power, and efficiency” of the RAM’s namesake and its capabilities. While the kit doesn’t rank among the best gaming RAM by virtue of its DDR4 specifications, it’s still got plenty to offer with speeds of 3,600MHz and capacities up to 32GB.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Ares Armor RAM kit is easy to get hold of in Western territories, but I sincerely hope that changes in the near future. At the very least, I’d love to see manufacturers get more creative with their component designs, like Dato has here.

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