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God of War’s latest patch tidies up around the place a bit

Some fixes and additions amount to a pleasant quality-of-life patch for God of War players

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There’s a new patch out for God of War on PC today, updating the action-adventure game to version 1.0.5. The patch makes some small but very welcome tweaks, mainly focusing on UI/UX elements, that makes Kratos and Atreus more pleasant to have around.

With the latest patch installed, you can fully disable DLSS sharpening by setting the sharpening slider to zero, and TAA should no longer lead to blurriness on render scales less than 100%. Another nice touch is that the game window’s behaviour has been fixed – it’ll now interact correctly with the Windows taskbar, and the borderless fullscreen mode won’t cover up the task switcher. In other words, you are now free to alt-tab your way around God of War as you please.

There are additional welcome fixes: the game audio will now mute while the app is in the background, and the HDR brightness level is no longer affected by the SDR brightness settings. You’ll now see button prompts in-game that match the controller type you’ve selected in Steam.

There are a handful of new features as well, which do the same kind of ‘tidying up’ around the edges. You now have the option to minimise the game when focus is lost, and you’ll see an error message alerting you if there’s been a problem writing or loading a save game.

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There’s also a new precision mouse mode, which ignores the default settings that govern how the game converts mouse movement to camera movement. You can tweak the values for this in the God of War settings.ini file, but Santa Monica Studios warns not to use this mode in conjunction with any aim assist settings.

The devs say they’ve also identified the issue that’s been causing performance problems for players using AMD hardware, and they’re in the process of identifying solutions. That work will be reflected in a future update.

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