PlayStation Game Pass will reportedly release really soon

PlayStation's Game Pass competitor, codenamed Spartacus, is in line for an "imminent" release, and according to a new report, could be unveiled next week

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PlayStation’s long-rumoured competitor to Xbox Game Pass, codenamed Spartacus, could be ready for its grand unveiling “as early as next week”, according to a new report. It’ll be a major new option for PlayStation users, and as it reportedly rolls in Sony’s cloud-based PlayStation Now service, it could have some major uses for PC players looking to dive into console-exclusive games.

Sony “is preparing to introduce a new video game subscription service for the PlayStation as early as next week”, as Bloomberg reports. According to the report, the service will combine the existing PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus services, and will offer a library of games to enjoy, Xbox Game Pass-style, at a variety of subscription tiers.

Bloomberg reports that the most expensive tier will allow access “extended demos and the ability to stream games over the internet”. If it works like PS Now, that would allow PC players to enjoy some console exclusive games directly on their computer. However, the report suggests that there are no plans to allow day one access to major first-party games like God of War Ragnarok through the subscription.

In February, GamesBeat reported that three tiers for the PlayStation subscription would exist. At $10 USD per month, players would get access to the perks currently associated with PS Plus. At $13 USD, they’d have access to a larger library of games to access. At $16, streaming, retro games, and game trials would also be included.

While the reveal of this service could land next week, there’s no info on when it will actually launch. On Twitter, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier adds that launch is “imminent”, however.

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