Lego God of War Ragnarok is free, out now, lets you press F to “BOY”

The God of War Ragnarok PC release may still be a mystery, but as for Lego God of War Ragnarok, that’s out now, as Kratos and Atreus arrive in a new free game

Lego God of War Ragnarok is free, out now, lets you press F to “BOY”. Kratos from God of War in Lego form, with a beard and red face paint

The God of War Ragnarok PC release remains dubious, though we take heart that God of War 2018 did eventually make it to Steam. Nevertheless, there are ways to assuage the launch anxiety, as unlike its more photorealistic inspirer, Lego God of War Ragnarok is out right now, fully playable as an absolutely free game that brings Kratos and Atreus to blocky, bricky life on your very own computer.

You might remember Lego Fallout, developed by YouTuber and game-maker ThrillDaWill as part of a project to take the Bethesda RPG game series and combine it with Traveller’s Tales’ platformer classics. Now, ThrillDaWill returns, with a Lego version of Ragnarok that’s surprisingly detailed and includes a bunch of sweet features.

Snowy environments, blocky blood effects, a friendly companion in the shape of Atreus, who follows you around and kind of gets in the way – sounds like Ragnarok so far. ThrillDaWill even designed Kratos’ axe so it could be thrown and loop back to you just like the real God of War. If you want to see how the action-adventure game might look and feel as a Lego port, or just need a very cheap God of War substitute, this is your chance.

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“Everyone’s been playing God of War and it looks like a ton of fun,” ThrillDaWill explains. “Only problem is I’m broke and cannot afford a PS5… so we’re just going to have to use Lego models and my failing GPU.”

It might not have the same epic boss battles, cutting-edge graphics, and sweeping narrative as the actual version, but Lego of God of War Rangnarok comes with a single defining feature that sets it above and apart from its console cousin.

Any time you like, you hit F to spout Kratos’ trademark “BOY”. Stand next to Atreus, get right up in his face, and spam that sucker as long as you want. “BOY”. “BOY.” “BOY.” I mean, how else is he going to learn? You can get Lego God of War Ragnarok now from ThrillDaWill’s Itch page.

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