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Godfall release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

The Godfall release date on PC was in late 2020 to the Epic Games Store and early 2022 to Steam, so here's everything we knew about the looter-slasher.

When was the Godfall release date? Gearbox carved out quite the niche for themselves as purveyors of all things loot-related, with the Borderlands series’ increasingly absurd arsenal of lootable weapons starting it all off. The studio then turned to publishing for Godfall, a bright fantasy action RPG made by Counterplay Games. While making the combat feel suitably crunchy was a key focus for the studio, lootable weapons and armor are just as important.

Godfall was one of the first next-gen games to have been shown off, and fortunately for PC players, Counterplay Games’ looter-slasher came to PC via the Epic Games Store. Join us as we round up all of the essential Godfall details, from the PC release date and Steam launch to gameplay information and more.

Godfall release date

The Godfall release date was November 12, 2020 on Epic Games Store. It later came to Steam on April 7, 2022 as part of the Godfall Ultimate Edition.

You can see what we thought of the game by reading our Godfall review from the time of launch, but note that some things may now be different based on the feedback given.

godfall Valorplates

Did Godfall ever come to Steam?

While the base edition never made it to Steam, Godfall Ultimate Edition did launch on Steam over a year and a half after the Epic Games Store version did. This was far longer than the time it took for Borderlands 3 to make the jump, which it did in six months.

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Godfall trailers

In the State of Play trailer for Godfall, game director Keith Lee talked about what we should expect from the world Counterplay Games is creating. The team wanted to combine action RPG loot progression with melee combat to make a looter slasher. Faced with multiple enemies and dynamic worlds, the combat aims to be fluid and interactive – rewarding you for aggressive plays and well-timed blocks.

The trailer also promised that there will be no microtransactions or “waiting for content” as the game will be fully ready on day one. However, we also got confirmation down the line that while Godfall wasn’t a live service game, it did need to be always connected to play.

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Godfall gameplay details

In Godfall, you play either solo or in a group of three or four. Your lofty aim is to save the world of Aperion, and as the last of the Valorian knights – equipped with legendary armor called Valorplates – that task is apparently quite manageable.

With four elemental realms to battle through, five Godfall weapon classes, shields, up to 12 Valorplates to unlock, and a leveling system to grind your way through, which, at the time of describing it, seemed a lot like Destiny meets Dark Souls.

Other details slowly came, but we were left imagining that the 12 Valorplates unlock abilities similar to different classes in Destiny. We also gleaned from one gameplay trailer that there’s a diverse mix of weapons available to you, from Dual Swords to Polearms, allowing you different fighting styles for different enemies.

The pace of gameplay was generally slow, with a lot of emphasis on timing your dodges and blocks just right, but you’re supposed to be more aggressive than you are defensive. We also saw a few abilities in use in the gameplay trailer, most notably a shield slam attack that appears to interrupt and stagger opponents in its way.

Godfall gameplay

We can also see a few abilities in use in the gameplay trailer, most notably a shield slam attack that appears to interrupt and stagger opponents in its way. There was also some kind of sword dance attack, which summons a maelstrom of ghost blades that dice anyone close to you.

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