Gods will be Watching trailer shows thrilling point’n’clicking

Gods will be watching deconstructeam devolver

Hostage situations, deadly viruses, and torture scenes; Gods will be Watching’s action isn’t your usual point’n’click fare.

The game is coming out tomorrow and you should see the launch trailer to get a grip on why this is so exciting.

Gods will be Watching originally started life as an entry into Ludum Dare 26, the attention the developer got for their unique take on point’n’click games (you were in command of a group of survivors trying to wait for rescue on an icy planet) convinced them to run a fundraising campaign for a full release. Then indie publisher Devolver got involved, pledging to match all funds raised by backers.

With a much expanded budget this is what Deconstructeam were able to come up with:

Each mission puts you in a different high stress situation – withstanding torture, negotiating a hostage takeover, and, again, surviving a hostile planet.

I cannae wait.