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GOG Fall Insomnia sale is new, exciting, confusing, and making me need to calm down with a cup of tea

GOG Fall Insomnia sale

Before I begin, have you got a calming cup of tea ready? Has your doctor given a thorough examination of your nerves and given you a clean bill of health (a partial bill of health will do but you engage with this sale at your own risk)?

GOG have started their fall sale. It’s an odd one. They’ve 100 games on sale but they’re only selling one at a time. Despite having infinite copies (this is digital distribution, after all) they’ve provided an arbitrary number of copies and when they’re gone they move onto the next game.

It may not sound that exciting but just load it up in a tab and feel your heart rate spike.

The Fall Insomnia sale seems simple on the outside but it’s a devious meta game. We don’t know what 100 games are going on sale, only that they’re being sold with discounts of up to 80%. So, with the great collection of games on GOG there’s quite the pressure to click back and see which game they’re selling. Of course, with no set rate of sale, a game is up for as long as there are copies, and the more popular games will obviously sell faster, it’s easier to just have a tab open in a separate window.

At that point you’re always watching the window waiting for the next game to appear and to hop through the store procedure to buy it.

That’s all manageable so far and not requiring that much of you. Just watch the site and buy the games.

Now it’s near bedtime, though. Your eyes are getting itchy with sleep. But the sale’s still going and you just managed to pick up a copy of Thunderscape for $2.39. What if another game comes up for such a ridiculously low price. What if it comes up and you’re not there to get it.

You’ll have to stay awake.

Have to.

Stay Awake.