GOG Galaxy 2.0 is now in open beta

The integrated launcher is now available to everyone

GOG Galaxy 2.0 started its slow rollout earlier this year, transforming the application from a launcher for your GOG-purchased games to a way to bring all your disparate PC platforms together. While the beta has been invite-only up until this point, you can now download the new GOG Galaxy in open beta.

If you haven’t checked in with GOG Galaxy 2.0 in a while, updates have added features like global search, manual game additions, and the ability to see the online status of your friends from other platforms. The launcher still only officially supports GOG and Xbox Live, but open-source community integrations have brought support for Steam, Epic, Battle.net, Uplay, Origin, and plenty more, including emulators and individual game launchers for MMOs.

“We’re amazed and thankful for the reaction from the community to the app and taking it even further by creating integrations with 20 gaming platforms – allowing everyone to see all their games and friends in GOG Galaxy 2.0,” GOG managing director Piotr Karwowski says in a press release.

You can download the new GOG Galaxy from the official site, or check out a broad overview of its features below.

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While GOG Galaxy 2.0 has been getting plenty of buzz, it’s not the only launcher in its class. Fully community-built programs like Playnite have been around for much longer and offer similar features. While the options for places to buy and play your PC games have gotten overwhelming in the past few years, the options for apps to bring those libraries together is much-appreciated.