GOG Galaxy exits beta, adding universal cloud saves, screenshot capturing, new chat, more


CD Projekt Red’s game client, GOG Galaxy, has finally left beta, adding in a bunch of new features to improve quality of life for its users. 

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The main new feature for the client is universal cloud saves, so you can pick up where you left off wherever you are. Even older games that never supported cloud saving will now do so, from Planescape Torment to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Saves are still stored locally, and you can also download backups of your game saves at any time.

The update also adds the ability to customise your client, so you can trim away all the fat and tailor the experience to suit your needs.

Additionally, a new hibernate function cuts down CPU usage on the client while playing a game, meaning you can leverage more power for the games themselves.

On top of this lot, the update adds in screenshot capturing, bandwidth limiting and scheduling, fps counter, an in-game overlay, achievement rarity, desktop and in-game notifications system, a new chat, and more.

People who opted into getting pre-release updates can check it out now, and it’s rolling out to everyone else in April.

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