GOG.com gets a wallet system

GOG wallet

GOG finally has a wallet system, so you can transfer over some funds ready to spend on those Good Old Games, and maybe some new ones. 

Our list of best old games has you covered. 

Having a Steam wallet is just one of those things we take for granted, right? It’s handy for when you want to set yourself a budget when sales come around, and it’s also there for you in times when you need to hit that refund request.

It’s good to see GOG catching up with the competition here, because a wallet is just one of those things an online games store should have. Even from a pure business sense – we have money sat ready to spend specifically on a store’s goods. Why would a company not want that?

It’s also handy if your bank is one of those that block your card when you do too many small transactions. Instead, just stick a wad in your GOG wallet and go mad.

You can check out your GOG wallet at that link, where you can also set up two-step verification.