GOG’s DRM-free Time Machine Sale offers up 30 years of gaming history

GOG's DRM-free time machine sale

I’ve wanted to own a time machine ever since I was 8 years old and called my teacher “mum”. I never got one and must still live with that shame. It haunts me to this very day. GOG.com is attempting to soften the blow of my awful childhood – and maybe yours – by allowing us to remember the better bits: 30 years of awesome PC gaming. 

The DRM-free Time Machine sale kicked off today, and celebrates PC gaming from 1983 to today with individual sales where a purchase extends the sale time or can shorten it if you want to move onto the next item on the list faster.

30 games are on offer, from Zork to Amnesia, and to buy them all – if you’re fast enough – you’ll only need to throw down around $65. Each game represents a year and it’s already at SimCity 2000, which came out in ’94, so get cracking.