Going green: Valve offers IGF finalists a Steam distribution agreement

IGF finalists get offered Steam distribution deals

As promised last year, Valve is offering every Independent Games Festival finalist developing games available for Mac, Linux and PC a Steam distribution deal as part of this year’s event. Some games, such as The Stanley Parable and The Banner Saga are already available through Steam, but many aren’t even up on Greenlight. 

Developers without a game on Greenlight or Steam will be offered a deal, while those attempting to get community nominations through Greenlight have been fast-tracked and have immediately been moved to the Greenlit category and “into talks of distribution”. Not a bad prize on top of being recognised by the IGF judges. 

The two games already on Greenlight and thus now Greenlit are Luxuria Superbia, a gorgeous, tactile musical journey through vibrant soundscapes and Soundself, a game of sensory exploration through light and sound which is also being developed for the Oculus Rift.

With Valve planning on phasing out Greenlight at some point, no doubt even more indie developers will be dreaming of becoming an IGF finalist in hopes of securing a Steam distribution deal in the future.