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Among Us like with geese is a huge free Steam game hit for Christmas

Goose Goose Duck is a multiplayer game like Among Us and the free Steam game is climbing the charts over Christmas to become one of the most popular PC games

Goose Goose Duck - a cartoon goose in a military uniform stands at a desk, their left eye twitching

You’d have been hard pressed to miss the success of Among Us in recent years, and now a free Steam game that plays almost exactly the same but replaces the iconic sus spacefarers with a crew of geese has become one of the most popular PC games over Christmas. Much like the space-based multiplayer game, your gaggle of geese aim to complete tasks while sussing out who the malicious undercover mallards are.

Goose Goose Duck takes its name from popular children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose (or Duck, Duck, Gray Duck for all you Minnesotans out there – we see you), which also centres around the concept of finding an ‘imposter’ among the group. Like Among Us before it, Goose Goose Duck isn’t a new release, having originally launched in October 2021. However, as people look for games to play with family and friends over the holiday, it appears many have turned to this fresh-flavoured offering.

While there’s plenty of incredible games on offer in the Steam Christmas sale this year, you really can’t beat the allure of a free game – indeed, it makes it all the more appealing to bring the whole gang in for a game when no-one has to spend anything. While Among Us has been free on PC in the past (and both games are free-to-play on mobile devices), the idea of a free twist on the formula is certainly appealing.

Tracking site SteamDB shows how the Goose Goose Duck player count has steadily surged since late November, and it’s currently breaking its own peak player count almost every day as peak player times hit. The current record is 369,566 – making it the fourth most popular game at peak yesterday, eclipsing free games like Lost Ark and Apex Legends along with the likes of GTA V. Only free-to-play juggernauts PUBG: Battlegrounds, Dota 2, and CS:GO ranked higher.

Steam reviews are currently sitting at 90% positive, too, showing that players are enjoying it as more than a simple Among Us clone. Reviews note the variety of maps, player roles, and customisable settings as good quality of life features making it a genuinely worthwhile standalone experience.

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If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’ve got more of the best free games on PC, as well as more imposter games like Among Us if you really fancy the allure of deceiving your friends and family this holiday season. Just remember that it’s all a bit of fun, and don’t go hurling mince pies at Aunt Marjorie when she connivingly convinces the folks to toss you out the proverbial airlock.