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Nvidia are recalling the Nvidia Shield tablet. It's a bit explodey

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia's issued a product recall for its Nvidia Shield tablet gaming device thing, saying that many have shipped with faulty batteries that can "overheat and pose a fire hazard".

The tablet — which I once described as "Robocop's lunchbox", "a PDA that Batman might use, but not the cool new Batman, the George Clooney Batman with the nipples" and "an electric egg that Knight Rider might hatch out of" — has shipped with two different kinds of battery. One of them is dangerous and might destroy everything you hold dear.

By checking the Shield's settings menu, users can check whether or not their device is a ticking time bomb. B01 batteries are fine, while Y01 batteries are tiny little arsonists in waiting.

Nvidia are replacing affected units at no additional cost, though users are advised to back up their own data first, presumably because Nvidia plan to destroy the faulty devices in a controlled explosion somewhere in the desert.

The Shield is an Android-powered tablet able to stream games from your PC to its portable, five-inch, 1280x720 screen. The 16GB model, sans controller, is priced at £239.99.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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Tovias avatarAmiga OS avatarBelimawr avatar
Amiga OS Avatar
2 Years ago

Just a heads up, you got the specs wrong.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet has a 1920x1200 8" display, the specs listed are for the standard shield clamshell thingy.

Tovias Avatar
2 Years ago

You can't make this shit up, what the fuck.

Belimawr Avatar
2 Years ago

as long as firms are trying to push battery limits this stuff will happen, nearly every single firm with a battery powered device has done a recall at some point either due to dodgy batteries or dodgy transformer boxes.