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Gotham City Imposters goes free-to-play with new version on Steam


Gotham City Imposters was no TF2-killer, but it marked the first time developer Monolith had removed the po- from their face for many years and it was a real shame to see its maps emptying so soon. From today, it’s fighting its way back into your affections.

Today’s new trailer serves as timely reminder of Gotham City Imposters’ most laudable organs – the varied levels of elevation in its maps, and a tonal frivolity that’s as comfortable as old boots.

Steam seems like a natural home for GCI’s new form. More than ever it’s being pitched as a TF2 alternative, and it seems Monolith are putting their all into it – not only is the game free, but so isall of its DLC to date.

The game’s Steam page now features a host of microtransaction options ranging from £1.99 to £22.99, including weapon packs, costumes and XP boosts.