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How to solve the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle

If you’re outside of the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle with the mural where you must move statues to change the spotlight’s shadow, we have the answer

Gotham Knights owl puzzle: a mural with a shadow of an owl cast on it. It's facing the right with its talons focused on a man in a mask.

Chances are that if you’re here, you’re baffled by the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle. But, don’t worry; it isn’t just you, as it’s one of the superhero game’s most devious problems that would take the mind of a detective to solve.

As you make your way through the Court of Owls’ headquarters, a mural on a door with blood underneath it blocks the way. First, examine the pool of blood, then the spotlight, to get the prompt to turn it on. This will cast a shadow on the mural from the four statues ahead. To the left of each one, there is a panel you can use to turn the segment to one of four positions. To open it and solve the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle, you must line up the puzzles, so the light casts a shadow of an Owl trying to grab one of the masked people on the mural ahead.

Gotham Knights owl puzzle: Red Hood is looking at four statues and buttons that turn them as a spotlight shines on the mural behind. The parts of the statue cast a shadow on the mural. The chamber is lit with candlelight.

Gotham Knights Owl puzzle solution

You could brute-force this puzzle and come across the solution, but that takes a long time. Here are the steps you need to complete the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle:

  • Use the left side of the first panel once (legs facing right)
  • Use either side of the second panel twice (body facing right)
  • Use the left side of the third panel three times (front wing facing right)
  • Use either side of the fourth panel twice (rear wing facing up)

With that, you should solve the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle and be on your way to finding the leader of the Court of Owls. It takes a few seconds to activate, and you may need to run around to cover the lower Court of Owls member with your own shadow, but there will be a cutscene showing the door open if you have everything in the right place.

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