2021’s Mod of the Year is an epic open-world Gothic II total conversion

The epic Gothic II Chronicles Of Myrtana total conversion has been voted Mod of the Year 2021.

Gothic II's Chronicles Of Myrtana is ModDB's Mod of the Year 2021.

Players have voted an open-world mod for a 20-year-old RPG as Mod of the Year 2021 on ModDB. The epic Gothic II Chronicles Of Myrtana total conversion only released this month but has been selected as the best mod of the year by the community – beating out the likes of Black Mesa: Blue Shift.

Gothic II was released back in 2002 as the latest well-received action RPG from Piranha Bytes – who would go on to create the similar Risen series and is currently working on ELEX II for a March release date. The Chronicles Of Myrtana mod is a huge total conversion for Gothic II that features a new open-world, skills, mechanics, story, and even voice acting.

It’s available on both ModDB and Steam and only released in full on December 10 – and players loved it immediately. On Steam it’s currently rated as ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ from over 5000 reviews – by comparison, Gothic II itself is rated as merely ‘Very Positive’ from around 6500 reviews.

ModDB tallied user votes for the top 100 mods of the year, and players voted Chronicles of Myrtana as the Players Choice Mod of the Year 2021. As ModDB notes, Chronicles of Myrtana is “a truly huge mod that, at this stage, surpasses even the term ‘total conversion’.” If you’ve got a copy of Gothic II it’s well worth giving it a go – and if not, the base game is currently 75% off on Steam.

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Other impressive mods in the top 10 include the conversion of Half-Life: Blue Shift to Black Mesa and the Fallout-style Ashes 2063 for Doom – with 15 years in the making Red Alert 2 expansion Mental Omega getting an honorable mention. If you own and have enjoyed any of the games on the top 10 list you need to check out the mods – they’re free after all, so why not?

Happy new year, everyone.