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Grab the Bottle giveaway! Win one of 60 copies of this eccentric puzzler!

Grab the Bottle

As per the laws of the universe, babies generally like to grab things that they shouldn’t. In Grab the Bottle, you’ll play as an infant blessed with a singular, infinitely stretchy arm, so you can get your dirty mitts on even the hardest to reach items. You’ll need to manoeuvre your flexible limb across 22 vintage comic book -inspired levels as you progress through the baby’s life, from cradle to the grave (insert joke about the terrible Jet Li film here).

We’ve got 60 keys for this quirky puzzler to give away, and all you have to do for a chance to win is enter via the widget below. Each task you complete via the widget is worth one entry, so if you complete them all you’ll have a higher chance of winning. We’ll also need your email to send you the key if you win – we promise not to send you any spam!

If you win we’ll send you a code to redeem on Steam. To do this you just need to click the ‘Add A Game’ button at the bottom of the Steam client window, then ‘Activate a Product on Steam’. Follow the instructions, download the game, and get playing!

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Grab the Bottle giveaway