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This Grand Theft Auto V mod is stunningly realistic looking

This visual overhaul mod makes San Andreas look more realistic than ever.

It’s always an interesting feeling to see the work of that select group of people who look at a beautiful game and think, “I could make it better.” One of them, a modder who goes by L00, has created what I’m pretty sure is the most visually arresting overhaul mod for Grand Theft Auto V that I’ve ever seen.

PhotoRealistic San Andreas is an ENB aimed at generating great screenshots and movie clips, and it delivers in spades. The mod promises “endless different looks” with “accurate reproduction of cameras, films, and cinematic colorgrades and postprocessing.”

PRSA looks so good that it’s not just easy to forget Grand Theft Auto V is five years old, it’s easy to forget you’re looking at a videogame at all. Lighting and weather effects are photorealistic, just like it says on the tin. The different film effects make it look like you’re watching an actual movie.

The only place the illusion cracks a bit is when you see the old GTA character models – facial expressions and hair remain pretty videogamey, even with L00’s amazing filters and effects on them.

Here’s a video demonstration of some of PRSA’s effects, and credit to PC Gamer for spotting this mod.

You can find PRSA over at Nexusmods and GTA 5 Mods, along with instructions on how to install it. It’s a bit more complex than simply unzipping a bunch of files into your game directory, so if you’re interested in checking it out, be sure to read through the directions carefully.