GTA Trilogy update takes aim at clipping, first-person, and haircuts

The new GTA Trilogy 1.04 update improves CJ's High Fade haircut, and other stuff.

GTA Trilogy 1.04 fixes a lot of issues

Since it was released last year, the Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition trilogy has had a rough time, as some players immediately noticed that it shipped with a lot of issues – like some blinding rain. Hopefully the new GTA Trilogy 1.04 update will get this collection of some of the best open-world games ever made back on track.

The GTA Trilogy remasters came out in November last year and were immediately called out by groups of players due to a large number of issues with all three games, including some “unintentionally included” files that got it pulled from sale on PC.

Take-Two’s CEO promised that fixes were coming, and sure enough, today Rockstar Games released patch 1.04 for the Grand Theft Auto trilogy with a lot of improvements listed. The full patch notes can be found here. According to Rockstar Intel, on PC these updates require 18.5GB for GTA San Andreas, 8.9GB for GTA Vice City, and 4.18GB for GTA III, so they’re all pretty sizeable.

Two of the main issues the update takes aim at are the various clipping and texture problems players have encountered, including problems with the game’s various signs. It also improves “the first-person camera view while in certain vehicles”, so it’s possible this infamous bug has been sorted. The patch also sorts out CJ’s High Fade haircut, which may be welcome news to some of you.

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