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Grand Theft Auto IV mod adds Grand Theft Auto V character switch feature


While Rockstar still haven’t got round to announcing Grand Theft Auto V for the PC (we assume they’re all on holiday, still), modders have got to work creating the features announced for the new game in the game Rockstar have deemed safe for PC gamer consumption, Grand Theft Auto IV.

One canny modder, JulioNIB has managed to implement the character switch feature, allowing you to switch between Niko, Luis, and Johnny on the fly. They’ll even look after themselves when you aren’t in control.

According to the modder, when you change character “the old one will wander around or evade from cops if wanted level is greater than zero.”

Also, each character “has his own health, armor, ammo and vehicle, those info are saved each time you change char[acter]s and will be loaded when game starts.”

You can download the script (which may contain bugs) here. You will need to install ScriptHook to get it to work.

I think this may call for use of our ‘Mods rule’ tag.

Cheers, Destructoid.