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GTA mod lets you make your own San Andreas Definitive Edition

GTA mod gives you access to all the tools and textures you need to create your own San Andreas Definitive Edition, and perhaps a personal version of GTA 6

GTA mod lets you build your own San Andreas Definitive Edition

GTA mods have already delivered us a better, truly HD version of San Andreas, alongside a fan-made sequel to Vice City. But as rumours about the GTA 6 release date get hotter and hotter, and fans speculate on what they want to see in Rockstar’s next sandbox, what could be better than a GTA mod that lets you design your own missions, and perhaps remake your own new version of San Andreas Definitive Edition?

After entering early access in May, mod SA: Mission Maker has just received a huge new update adding a catalogue of mission design and development features to GTA: San Andreas. We’ve all been there, playing through agonising jobs like N.O.E., Robbing Uncle Sam, and every single one mission you do for Zero – “Rockstar is good”, you wind up thinking, “but even I could do better than this”. Well, now you have the chance to prove it. Create custom objectives, spawn points, animations, and enemy behaviours – everything that goes into a San Andreas mission is at your fingertips, right down to placing markers around the map, like the telltale big “R” that stands for “Ryder” that you use to start a new mission strand.

Spend enough time getting to grips with Mission Maker, and you can essentially create a whole new GTA game for yourself from the ground up. And don’t be intimidated. This isn’t like a sophisticated set of programming and development tools – the whole point of this mod is to work like LittleBigPlanet or Dreams, where you get simple menus to instantaneously create scenarios and scenes. It’s a great way to experiment and invent while we wait for GTA 6, which based on some of our own sleuthing, might be headed back to Vice City.

Elsewhere, GTA V is still going strong thanks to some other, excellent mods, and if you’re feeling kind of done with cops and robbers, and want a change from Grand Theft Auto, you can check out our guide to the best PC sandbox games.